Sapphire Eid Edition Vol 2

Women love to feel affection for being attractive at all the time. Youngsters today are so concerned about fashion. They like to succeed in today’s race to look fashionable all the time.  The latest designs, bright colors, and awesome patterns attract ladies of all age group. However, it is vital to identify the most wonderful fashion trends from time to time. As “Eid-ul-Azha” is coming and so the Sapphire has launched their Eid Edition Volume 2. It is time to grab the most astonishing Sapphire dresses.

Sapphire Pakistan launched careful curation of the four lines –

  • Luxe
  • Signature
  • POP
  • Daily for the modern-day classy woman look.
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Sapphire Luxe Collection – Eid Vol 2

The perfectly curated line for every woman who wants to make a statement this EID with #Sapphire Eid Edition vol 2. Teenagers feel happy to be dressed in garments that enhance their gorgeousness. Nobody likes to prefer the usual issues in their trends for any reason. It is the right time to select an exceptional design of dress in black color.  The most imperative cause for why many women decide on a new black color in their dresses is to look exclusive as awaited. Young women like the floral print in their dresses. The  Sapphire Eid collection 2019 now include dresses with floral print attractively.

Sapphire Signature Collection – Eid Edition Vol 2

Want to update your summer wardrobe? Get exclusive access online to Sapphire latest unstitched Eid Edition Vol II.  Floral prints and ornate fabrics, Sapphire’s Signature collection will be available from 5th July.




When brands are here to give you everything that you want and afford, why even bother wasting precious time in other shops? Wear your favorite brand this Eid with style and grace and enjoy the happiness and blessing of this Eid. And oh! what are you going to wear this Eid? Tell us your Eid dress story in the comment section below.




Sapphire Lawn 2019 – Latest Collection – Eid Edition 2019

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]apphire is recognized as a trademark in the street of Pakistan. This fashion industry giant was founded by Mr. Mohammed Abdullah, who has been in business for more than 50 years. It is one of the oldest and most famous business houses in Pakistan, and they have a long history of producing excellent products. After joining the famous designer Khadija Shah of Pakistan (which also has its own brand), this brand captures the industry in a short time, this brand is the most versatile and suitable for women of all ages. Sapphire Online contains a wide variety of Lawn, chiffon, and silk. The brand also deals with men who are ready to wear kurtas and seamless fabrics.

So, Girls, what are you waiting for? Sapphire Pakistan brings you the best Lawn prints Hurry up and visit website or order online and take your favorite dress.


Sapphire Online: Sapphire Lawn, Chiffon, Linen Suits Collection 2019


Hello Girls, it is time to look stylish with a chic set of summer suits for summer 2019. The sapphire online new collection has made 1-pieces, 2-pieces, and 3-pieces unstitched and stitched dresses. This new collection 2019 are made of high-quality fabrics with eye-catching Lawn prints and chiffon. This collection contains all kinds of printed dresses and embroidery.




Sapphire lawn 2019 has launched on 23 Feb. A a collection such as Lawn and pure cotton with silk finishes. This collection is available in 3 pieces without layers, so they are completely up to you in any way and with any design and style you like these dresses, they come with a combination of dark and bright colors so that they are suitable for women of all ages. Sapphire lawn vol 1 2019 have some printed shirts and some embroidered shirts.



Sapphire Lawn Volume 1 2019 offers a wide variety of fabrics that look high quality but are easy to buy. When searching online for sapphire suits, you should have noticed floral prints in light pastel shades with a touch of some colors. These suits are designed primarily to maintain the elegance of your personality. In addition, the fabric is chosen very carefully, because the pattern and impressions can give life to the whole piece

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Although the brand already offers affordable dresses to its customer base, you will find lower prices. Prices of Pret and Un-stitched sapphire clothes are from PKR 14,00 – PKR 20,000.

Get your hands on it and have a personal stitch according to your size. This way, you can create a perfect and fit summer appearance at the same time.



Sapphire kurta online:  Lawn new collection 2019

Sapphire new collection 2019 is one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan. This brand working hard on women’s collections, which are all in the official clothing categories, ready-made clothes, and seasonal clothing.

Classical Vibes by sapphire


Moreover, this is not the end of the story! We are going to publish some pictures of the Sapphire Lawn Collection 2019 which will take your breath away. The following pictures of Sapphire Lawn, Chiffon, Linen Suits Collection 2019 will help you find out what kind of outfits you can find in this new collection.



The Sapphire lawn 2019 Collection is fully designed with the latest design and fashion styles. Each piece is not only different in design, but also different in decor.
All decorations are made with embroidery based on the front of the shirt. With some dresses, you will feel the touch of lace and thread design that suits ladies of every age.

Don’t wait and get your favorite articles from your nearby stores and online.


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