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Sohaye By Diners Lawn Collection 2019- With Price

The fashion in Pakistan is evolving day by day. As it is evolving more new brands can be seen by the passage of time. but some of the old brands are also keeping their promises and giving the best to their customers. One of the biggest fashion brands in Pakistan (Diners) is also making its efforts to give its customers the most elegant and unique. In the start of 2019 many brands have launched many designs that are unique and beautiful, but at the end of the day, there is one of them which is at the top. That is why The all-new Sohaye By Diners collection is one of the best or we can say the best.

Sohaye By Diners :

Basically, Sohaye By diners is a collection of  Lawn suits. In this collection, they have stitched and unstitched collection both available. Diners suits have always been really smooth, that is the reason that whenever a person tries diners once he or she keeps trying it again and again. In the collection (Sohaye By Diners) they have sweaters, trousers, and Pret stitched and unstitched collection.

sohaye 2019

Sohaye Pret & Unstitched Collection (2019) :

Diners offer Sohaye Pret & Unstitched 2019 with new impressions. The latest designs and trends will be available in smooth and concrete at Diners stores across Pakistan and across the Internet as of February 28, 2019. They have the 2019 spring and summer range of Pret and seamless designs and new designs.


sohaye by dinners 2019




Sohaye Stitched Collection (2019) :

The new famous collection by diners the Sohaye collection has also stitched shirts available too with different contrasts and colors. Not only they are available in different colors but also printed differently from each other. Each of the parts of the collection plays a role in its own. Sohaye launches an amazing Pret Collection with vibrant colors which best suited the spring season.


sohaye unstitched


sohai blue pret

Sohaye Sweaters Collection (2019) :

With a great variety of Stitched and Unstitched Lawn suits, this is not it, they are also providing you more. The new Sohaye By Diners sweater collection is also one of their biggest achievements. They have very unique designs available in different colors.



Sohaye Online Store in Pakistan :

The all-new Sohaye Clothing by Diners is available at

  • Leading Stores
  • Diners website

You can access the new Sohaye Clothing by Diners online by visiting their official website (


yellow pret by sohaye

Launching Discount 23% off :

You can be a part of the sale by Diners at Sohaye collection by visiting the nearest stores or buying clothes online.


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