Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn 2019

Sana Safinaz Luxury Collection 2019

[dropcap] S[/dropcap]ana Safinaz summer Collection 2019 has launched with the addition of beautiful Luxury lawn Collection. It is just amazing and awesome!

Sana Safinas mix a remarkable collection of textiles, and the introduced unique patterns of the summer spring collection. This new luxury collection takes your breath away.

Here is the Sana Safinaz summer collection. Have a look at this video!

Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn Collection(2019): Pret

This label originally started in late 1989. From the beginning, Ashwani Sana and Safina Muni have shown their creativity in the city of romance “Italy”. Sana Safinas create different types of fashion styles through the lively and engaging prints you love.

Sana Safinaz luxury lawn 2019 pret


Sana Safinaz Summer collection 2019 has now on stores and online. The beautiful Luxury Pret offer a set of specialties and you need to set it up with the add-ons and styles you need to set the exact style. Customers are delighted to see the different and unique prints. They make 99% of the pure quality product and that is the only reason this brand is very famous.


luxury sana safinaz 2019



Sana Safinaz summer collection 2019  with the elegant collection of luxury lawn vol 1 gives us

  • Glace Cotton Print with embroidery.
  • Semi-lawn cotton printed bottoms
  • Mix up with Chiffon Printed Dupatta
  • Beautiful ready to wear 2019 collection   

Ladies’ love this brand because of our attractive and new style outfits and designs. You can order your favorite dresses from Sana Safinaz Online Store according to the required size. However, here customers will get exactly according to their needs and requirements.

Sana Safinaz lawn 2019 with Price

The Price range of Sana Safinas summer collection 2019 is starting from 1090 to 20,000. It depends on what type of outfit you select. Luxury Pret collection starts in and unstitched collection starts from PKR 1100

Luxury Pret lawn PKR 1090 – PKR 6,000
Luxury Lawn unstitched 1pc PKR 800 – PKR 5,000
Luxury Lawn unstitched 3pcPKR  2,000 – PKR 25,000
Luxury Partywear PKR 2,000 – PKR 20,000
Luxury Bridal Collection PKR 5 lac – PKR 20 lac

Online Luxury Ready to Wear: Sana Safinaz (2019)

The spring-summer season is full of fascinating and fresh colors outfit. In addition, according to seasons, they design on thread materials such as linen, lawn, and cotton. After Sana Safinaz amazing Muzlin Lawn Collection 2019 they have launched a superb collection of Luxury. Have a look at some more outfits!

Sana Safinaz Luxury Pret 2019


The latest Luxury Sana Safinaz summer collection is currently available online. You can also see the advanced collection of 2019 full catalogue. Visit the Sana Safinaz official website or visit their official Facebook.

blue hues - Luxury Pret 2019

Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn’19: One Piece Unstitched

Amazing sana safinaz summer collection of the 1-piece unstitched variety is so breathtaking. Just look at these outclass articles


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Sana Safinaz Summer collection: 3 pieces unstitched luxury collection

The designer’s choice of color makes it bold and colorful. The chiffon and organza work with decoration of the purple and white pearls is so attractive. Sana Safinaz design and decorate the pearls to add unstable glamorous effect.

Sana Safinaz Luxury Lawn"19


You can wear this outfit with attractive elegant ponytail and earrings combined with a pair of white heels on lunch or dinner brunches, and that’s it! A perfect dress Should be laced with black organza with a touch of white color; outfits that appeared on your desires list.  Check out the amazing collection below:


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Sana Safinaz Summer Collection (details)

Sana Safinaz never fails in her target: Collection luxury seems to be worth drooling. Embroidered Luxury Lawn’19 are kind of summer flower tones, this style is full of elegance and grace. Organza’s official clothes and embroidery provide a chic look. If you look at these special photographs, there are many options to choose from.

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sana safinaz winter Luxury collection



sana safinaz lawn luxury 2019

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