KHAS Stores Lawn Volume 5 – Unstitched Collection 2019

Fashion is basically what we feel comfortable wearing, however, for us culture has a deep meaning. Our culture is an epitome of modesty and grace. It reflects our moral values. What we wear is more than just material sewn together to protect us, our clothes depict our identity and culture.

By following the fashion, we have lost the importance of our cultural dresses and our identity. Many other brands’ main focus is fashion but in regards to culture, they pursue more westernized clothing but KHAS Stores have come up with this unique idea of restoring the fashion that values culture and tradition intricately woven together in the form of clothing.

The New Volume 5 of Khas Collection focuses on fashion with the essence of culture. The Khas designers entirely understand that one’s identity is represented by the way they dress, so they have launched this mesmerizing Volume 5 collection which depicts cultural values in a true sense. Have a look at these amazing designs!



Khas Stores Vol 5 Unstitched Collection 2019:

KHAS is all about turning your passions, excitements, and ideals into Khas (special). It makes the dress that would touch your delicate skin and fragile essence to let you experience the magnitude of comfort, beauty, thrill, and perfection like embracing the company of someone who belonged to you only.

Previously KHAS launched amazing chiffon collection and this time KHAS Stores brings you the traditional and cultural volume of clothing that will give you a touch of mystical and significant history combined with sweeping and diverse feelings of culture to let you being swept off your feet. KHAS brings Khas Lawn 2019 – a deviant mixture of various vivid colors culture and finest mastery of antiquity to allow you to relive and cherish history every day for the rest of your life.

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More Traditional Prints from KHAS Lawn Vol 5

Our culture is beautiful in its pureness. Our clothes are called eastern because of their simplicity that embodies the delicateness and modesty of the people who wore them. We are proud of the soulfulness and mysticism of our cultural values incorporated in our new designs. Go, hurry up and check out what kind of traditional outfits KHAS has brought to you complimentary to your inner beauty and culture.

khas-unstitched-2019, Dynasty KL-4092Midnight KLA-9062Olive Zeast KC-5068Mouve Glam KL-4091


Why should one wear traditional clothing? Aren’t they feel outdated and boring?

Our tradition and culture are the epitome of pureness and soulfulness. Cultural dresses make you look modest and graceful yet fashionable. Traditional clothes represent once culture, norms, and values. People wear their cultural dresses to be identified. In addition, the shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan and is worn by men and women simultaneously in all four provinces Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and, also in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

People are known by their outfits. People understand that it is necessary to hold on to one’s culture if we wish to preserve our traditions therefore, KHAS Stores has “wowed” us once again by designing these outclass and trendy traditional dresses. You can shop online from or get your favorite outfit from its store.

As Shakespeare wrote, “The fashion wears out more apparel than the man.”


Why is traditional clothing important – Khas Lawn Vol 5

Moreover, as folklore has and still does play an important role in preserving national values, heritage and creating a sense of unity among the people. At the same time, traditional clothing and apparel are not just clothes worn but an indication of national, cultural or religious identity. Khas Stores volume 5 unstitched Collection reflects that they truly care about their customers and the culture they admire the most.

Fashion is dynamic, it comes and goes. Fashion itself is a part of culture. Besides this, many traditions at different levels combine together and become a part of culture. These traditions keep modernizing as per their needs and requirements. Have a look at these eye-catching and blossoming floral designs with classic Turkish prints and embellished vibrant hues from Khas unstitched collection volume 5.

Pakistan being a multi-cultural and multi-traditional country has many different types of fashion within the state-boundary. Therefore, fashion in relation to culture is diversified and represents the uniqueness of each area with specific details.

Designers produce clothing and accessories tailored to a region’s culture. Then, it becomes the fashion of the region. People tend to dress only if it conforms to the culture of the area. You rarely find Muslim women wearing miniskirts in Qatar or American women in burqas.


Snap it up! and grab your favorite Turkish, emerald, daydream or any other of your choice from Khas unstitched collection volume 5. Capture the allure for this season from KHAS Stores’ unstitched collection.

Snap it up and grab your favorites Turkish, emerald, daydream or whatever article you like from KHAS unstitched collection volume 5. Capture the allure for this season from KHAS Stores.

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