Khas Store New Collection Volume 2 is Out Now!


This summer is all about upping the fashion game, as many brands are launching similar designs. Also with more and more designer lawn flooding the market and on affordable prices, women are changing directions from the mainstream brands to the newer ones in a bid to look different.

Consequently, keeping the changed preferences of customers in mind; Khas Store has launched its very trendy and eye-catching collection of 2019. Where more and more women are opting for individuality and uniqueness in their summer wardrobe, Khas’s ultra Khas collection Volume 2 is bound to make its way in your closet.

Look at the highlights of Khas Designer Lawn Collection Vol 2!

Khas Designer Lawn Collection (2019): Unstitched

It’s wide-ranging collection has all kinds of designs and colors; from festive Eid wear to Casual day-time chic outfit. It’s timeless floral prints and pastels or bright colors will hit the right notes. The delicately chosen color palettes and feminine designs are all u need this season.

Khas new unstitched designer lawn collection is so chic and will take your breath away. Check out these amazing outfits!





Summer demands a fine fabric that is on point and breathable at the same time. In this scorching heat—it’s hard to look fashionable while beating the heat. That is why women are becoming more fashionably aware in their choices, going for designs that are comfy as well as funky and KHAS Store caters to all of this in its phenomenal summer collection 2019. So gear up girls! And set your eyes on the prize and dazzle this Summer!




You wouldn’t wanna miss the chance to fill your wardrobe with the summer spirit revived by Khas Store!!
Are you a summer girl and sunny soul looking for something to just compliment your vibe? Well, Khas is here to bring the Khas out of you to the world. This summer walk like the ray of sunlight that you truly are, booming in our radiant designs and fresh colors



No more same old style same old impact. Time to shine with a kaboom into the summer lit scenes💥
Khas knows and addresses your dream desire of the perfect attire.

Khas has got something Khas for everyone. Yes everyone and yes you, too. These tailored to perfection designs which are printed in the true spirit of summer love. This time don’t settle for the common, connect to your own Khas outlook on the season. Khas has set afoot a new tradition in dressing and fashion

KHAS; Dresses that redefine Women Fashion. Merging Style with Elegance. Eloquently express yourself with KHAS New Arrivals-Shop Online at


Khas designer lawn collection is so reasonable and everyone can buy it easily. Ladies this EID slip yourself in an amazing outfit to look chic and stylish. Go grab your favorite outfit from Khas New Lawn Collection Volume 2 before the stock ends.


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