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Makeup For All Your Needs! Emerging Makeup Brand in Pakistan 2020

With the surge of so many makeup brands and beauty influencers, one feels almost complied to hop on the wagon of makeup mania. Social media has enabled every woman to express herself like the way she wants! Makeup has become an important phenomenon and an essential part of women’s real and virtual lives. With so many “how-to” videos and tutorials easily available on the internet—everyone has become a pro. However, the growing interest in makeup has also copiously increased the prices of beauty brands to the level of unaffordability. Two to four makeup essentials can amount to a minimum wager’s salary these days.

Also, the previous lack of availability of quality makeup in Pakistan and the current tax on imported makeup brands has rendered the makeup lovers in a hopeless situation. Although many local brands have emerged on the surface of markets these past years, the prevalent wrong notion that Pakistani makeup lack quality has harmed and stifled the local industries.

Emerging Makeup Brand in Pakistan 2020

On the other hand, beauty bloggers and influencers have done a great job in reviving interest in Pakistani brands. Speaking of which, “Genny cosmetics” is the leading name in makeup manufacturers in Pakistan. Genny cosmetics aims to provide affordable and quality makeup for the masses. it also provides us with the option of online cosmetics shopping in Pakistan. One can easily log into their website and order anything from their wide range of face, eyes, lip and even hygiene products. Customers can also shop for amazing bundle deals and makeup gift sets. Bridal makeup kits and gift sets are available too. That is why Genny cosmetics is an all-rounder brand, it caters to all of your makeup needs!

Genny cosmetics runs an easily navigable website, with clear cut options out-front! You just have to click on a category, and it will open all the products included in it. One more unique thing about this brand is that it also provides its customers with a whole range of beauty soaps, talcum powders and makeup wipes.

Affordable Makeup For Makeup Enthusiasts

The bridal package of Genny cosmetics is worth availing. Do you have a wedding around the corner and no prior experience to buy makeup? Worry no more! As the bridal package is the answer to all your worries. It entails a beautiful and killer collection of foundation, lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadows and whatnot.

Genny Cosmetics - Bridal Makeup Pack

When it comes to creating a perfect look, the most elemental part is the foundation. The ‘face” category on the Genny cosmetics website offers an extensive range of foundation sticks and compact powders. The stick formats are handy and easy to use, covering dark spots and blemishes quite effectively. With their waterproof and breathable formulas, they offer smooth and long-lasting coverage.

Add color and persona to your dull life with the killer lipstick shades in the “lipstick” category of the website. These chic and trendy shades are all you need to ooze out confidence with every smile. With a fine texture and amazing color payoff, these lipsticks are best in the market.

Shades of Lipsticks - Genny Cosmetics

The “nail” category contains multifarious color options in long wear nail polishes and nail gels. Furthermore, save up bigtime while purchasing bundle deals and combo deals available on their website.

Nail Paints - Shades

The “eyes” category has blendable and rich-toned eye glitters and eyeshadow palettes. Create a fun look with these highly pigmented eyeshadows that melt into the skin. The palettes Eternity and Infinity provide a wide array of shadows with zero fallout.  Moreover, the Water Proof, Sweat Proof & Tear Resistant eyeliner and mascara are to die for!

In short, Genny cosmetics has it all. Its affordable, accessible and high on quality! Visit their online shop https://gennycosmetics.com/  for an amazing experience!


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