Nishat Linen Summer Collection-Winter Collection-2019

One of the most unusual brands that have a great name nationally and internationally, Nishat Linen apparel is the most popular clothing brand in Pakistan in the textile and fashion industry. It has been working for several decades and has won unmatched performance among all brands in Pakistan. It works in various clothes and products like Nisha, Naqsh, Prince Naqsh, and Princess.

Nishat Linen (2019) :

The Nishat Linen 2019 is all about the best of clothing. We are sharing the most exquisite designs of Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2019 And Winter Collection 2019. They have a really beautiful collection this time among all the other brands. This is the reason for their success in the fashion and textile industry.

Nishat Linen Summer Collection (2019) #For all of you  :

This #Allofyou collection is so reasonable and for all kind of people. Now you can wear Nishat linen summer lawn 2019 at an affordable price. This new start of Nishat Linen is so good that every woman can buy and wear. You can buy this collection from
As spring has just arrived at the corner and the scorching sun will soon bring heat waves everywhere, Nishat’s latest summer collection is a cold breeze for all its clients. Enriched with the beauty of summer flowers and eye-catching designs, the latest Summer Nishat lawn of 2019 has launched.

Nishat Linen winter collection 2019 with price

The use of graphics and block prints along with a touch of appliqués on the shirts around the neck and the front edges look marvellously impressive, especially when used with vibrant curtains of your dupatta.

Sohaye By Diners Lawn Collection 2019- With Price

The fashion in Pakistan is evolving day by day. As it is evolving more new brands can be seen by the passage of time. but some of the old brands are also keeping their promises and giving the best to their customers. One of the biggest fashion brands in Pakistan (Diners) is also making its efforts to give its customers the most elegant and unique. In the start of 2019 many brands have launched many designs that are unique and beautiful, but at the end of the day, there is one of them which is at the top. That is why The all-new Sohaye By Diners collection is one of the best or we can say the best.

Sohaye By Diners :

Basically, Sohaye By diners is a collection of  Lawn suits. In this collection, they have stitched and unstitched collection both available. Diners suits have always been really smooth, that is the reason that whenever a person tries diners once he or she keeps trying it again and again. In the collection (Sohaye By Diners) they have sweaters, trousers, and Pret stitched and unstitched collection.

sohaye 2019

Sohaye Pret & Unstitched Collection (2019) :

Diners offer Sohaye Pret & Unstitched 2019 with new impressions. The latest designs and trends will be available in smooth and concrete at Diners stores across Pakistan and across the Internet as of February 28, 2019. They have the 2019 spring and summer range of Pret and seamless designs and new designs.


sohaye by dinners 2019




Sohaye Stitched Collection (2019) :

The new famous collection by diners the Sohaye collection has also stitched shirts available too with different contrasts and colors. Not only they are available in different colors but also printed differently from each other. Each of the parts of the collection plays a role in its own. Sohaye launches an amazing Pret Collection with vibrant colors which best suited the spring season.


sohaye unstitched


sohai blue pret

Sohaye Sweaters Collection (2019) :

With a great variety of Stitched and Unstitched Lawn suits, this is not it, they are also providing you more. The new Sohaye By Diners sweater collection is also one of their biggest achievements. They have very unique designs available in different colors.



Sohaye Online Store in Pakistan :

The all-new Sohaye Clothing by Diners is available at

  • Leading Stores
  • Diners website

You can access the new Sohaye Clothing by Diners online by visiting their official website (


yellow pret by sohaye

Launching Discount 23% off :

You can be a part of the sale by Diners at Sohaye collection by visiting the nearest stores or buying clothes online.


Khaadi 2019-Khaadi Summer Collection 2019-Khaadi Winter Collection 2019

Khaadi Lawn Group 2019 in Pakistan (Karachi and Lahore) has become one of the leading brands in Pakistan, Khaadi, one of the leading brands of fashion for women in the country. According to the store’s description, Khadhi is a lifestyle brand specializing in the creation of “hand made” fabrics and offers a wide range of clothing in 

  • Pret Wear (stitched shirts)
  • Unstitched Lawn
  • Children’s clothing (4-12 years)
  • Handbags
  • Shoes for Women
  • Jewelry for Women  

Khaadi Summer-Winter Collection 2019 is famous for its traditional designs that represent the culture of our country all over the world. The fabric store also has a men’s clothing set (oriental clothing only). Among the other grass outlets, Khaadi Color 2019 stands out as one of the most elegant and distinctive textile stores, the most popular and beloved by Pakistani residents and even abroad.


Khaadi Summer Collection (2019) :


Here we offer the latest summer collection by Khaadi. Which not only consist of Kurtis but also of long shirts and designed dresses. Khaadi Lawn is famous for its fresh, smooth and bold colors. Whether it is pure Lawn or 100% mixed Lawn or even cotton, all kinds of summer clothing will be the charm of the set this season.

Wearing printed fabric for sketches, slanting marriages, twisted braids, and interlocking patterns, the fabric looks great for modern summer clothes. To add a few formal touches to the clothes, Khaadi came with a touch of floral motifs embroidered with threads on shirts and kurtas.




Khaadi Lawn Dresses (2019) :


The colors in Khaadi Summer collection 2019 are colors such as pastel blue, dark blue, cream, beige, green and white shades. It gives you excellent options and options to take advantage of your convenience and personal attention. It also gives you the cheeks of the dresses in a different series of dupattas, either with Chiffon, Lawn or cotton. These dupattas are available in a variety of styles and tones that contrast with the dress. The full range is a great bowl of fashion and elegance that ensures high quality at the best prices.



Khaadi is always famous for its exquisite grass prints and light embroidery. Floral decorations, abstract art, geometric designs, etc. They’re simply amazing. The printed collection contains a piece of  

  • Loose shirts
  • Two-piece shirt /dupatta
  • A shirt/pant
  • Khaadi lawn 3 piece suits

Pastel colors are seen more this year. It is also perfect for the summer season. Most people prefer light shadows, so pastel is a good choice. For people who like dark grades are also offered.


 Khaadi Lawn Dresses Embroidered Collection :

These motifs are embroidered with edges, around sleeves and neckline for shirts. The use of vibrant contrast in spinning work makes the appearance of the dress more attractive. Something you might not want to close your eyes to. It’s something you can do on official occasions or even formal meeting places. However, the quality of the whole set is well suited to the task. Khaadi Latest Summer Collection 2019 is the best one in the market with a fair price and Khaadi sale 50% off is also valid on some of the stock.



The thing is that you will fall in love with all of the designs. In the embroidered collection, you can see beautifully embroidered sleeves, necklines, girdle, and pants. Khaadi produces all kinds of designs. Embroidery is heavy and simple. You can wear your dresses for regular casual routines as well as formal days. You can see all the color combinations. Each piece plays a part in its own.

Khaadi Sale Alerts (2019) :

Khaadi’s seasonal sales are popular among fashion lovers, most of whom are women, who go to online stores and catalogs to choose their favorite collection or prints before it runs out. One of the most popular among all is the New Summer Lawn Collection 2019 sale.



Khaadi sale alert

Yellow Khaadar: Khaadi sale 2019

While many branches are sold within a few days, however, online stores like these still have packages available until some time. The best part is that online shopping makes it easy for customers to buy their products without problems. Especially when they arrive every time the sales season, shops all over Pakistan are flooded with women and can cause a lot of harassment to customers and store members. However, with online shopping, the flood scenario has been reduced in stores, where many people can buy their favorite collections from the comfort of their homes without having to actually move to points of sale across Pakistan. The Khaadi Color Collection includes

  • 2 pieces
  • 3 piece
  • 4 pieces
  • 5 pieces  

of clothing, which comes in a variety of colors, designs and unique designs. You can surprise the crowd through the latest collection of Khadi series that are presented in eye-catching collections without layers, pret, and stitched collection. So be the first one to access the Khaadi Sale alerts 2019, because who knows when the time comes that the Khaadi Summer Collection 2019 will be sold out.


Khaadi summer collection

Khaadi end season sale 2019


Khaadi Pret (2019) :

Khaadi Pret Collection 2019 has been launched recently, offering casual wear for everyday use. It offers dresses from size 6 to size 16, with the latest fashion and variety in her collection, to impress everyone.


Khaadi pret: Yellow slik


khaadi pret 2019: Yellow shirt

Khaadi Spring Collection (2019) :

Most Pakistani fashion brands have presented their summer collections. Here, we will talk about the Khadi Midsummer Collection 2019. Each year, Khaadi shows up with something excellent, which makes us all surprised. Through some stunning designs and bright colors, Khaadi will unveil his collection in mid-summer of 2019, which is a symbol of Oriental heritage. This collection, which is the true essence of the Orient, revolves around ancient cultural stories that are known in a contemporary way.


Khaadi Summer lawn Collection 2019 (online) :

latest Summer lawn Collection 2019 by Khaadi is out, you can buy it  

  • Online
  • Outlets
  • Leading Stores


Khaadi spring

Khaai summer collection 2019

Khaadi Winter Collection (2019) :

Winter also comes with many very nice things. Cold days with hot drinks, a few friends or loved ones, that make every moment of our lives enjoyable and memorable. Winter is very enjoyable, especially on our own, in a very short period of time. So, where other preparations are on the way, it is important to prepare their clothes for the winter as well, so many designers offer their seasonal collections that include Khaadi.

Khaadi once again created his elegant collection for the winter season. The Khaadi winter collection 2019 includes mainly cotton and linen, as it is the most suitable for the winter season.


Khaadi khaas winter collection

Khaadi Winter Collection 2019 (sale) :

Khaadi winter Collection 2019 is very inspiring. It is one of the most elegant collections of 2019. This combination consists of  

  • two pieces
  • three pieces

sewn and smooth in cotton and linen. These dresses are best used in daily routines for both working women and housewives. The three-piece suit consists of a 3-meter embroidered shirt, linen cloth with two and a half linen pieces. Many innovative and creative designs, floral prints and digital prints are presented in this collection. All prints are seen again in this presentation but in a completely different way. It is being reported that the 50% off sale on Khaadi is already held. So what are you guys waiting for, buy your favorite brand’s Clothes today?

You can buy all the clothing ( Pret, Lawn dresses, Dupattas, Chiffon Suits ) you want to by visiting the official site of Khaadi (

About Khaadi :

Khaadi is one of the leading Pakistani fashion brands founded in December 1998. Soon after its inception, Khaadi quickly became a strong brand with an international presence and is now Pakistan’s most famous fashion retailer. Today operates 46 stores in 17 cities in Pakistan and 17 stores across the UK and GCC to expand its 350,000 sq ft retail space, the largest collection of textile stores, providing a rich and unique customer experience. Khaadi. Offers a wide range of products, from clothing for women, men and children to home textiles, both printed and hand made fabrics.

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