Your Skin Needs No Excuse. It Needs Just Care!

In the beauty industry, skincare as a market segment is growing exponentially. A 13% sales growth
on skincare products was witnessed in The United States last year while makeup grew by only 1% in
the same period. Skincare’s growth is attributable to the unique position it occupies amongst a
variety of trends: the growing desire for health-promoting and self-care products, increasing interest in
the power of regimens and routines, the ability of social media to more rapidly empower and inform
consumers and, uniquely, the ability of new technology to simplify the unusually complex choices
consumers have when they interact with skincare brands.

Consumers are more health and wellness-conscious than ever before. New breaking trends like
organic treatments, usage of products that contain essential vitamins, anti-aging serums are just a
few of the ways that are emerging as a significant segment of consumers’ needs. Consumers now
are starting to develop a deeper relationship with their wellness.

In this era when the prevailing competition in the skincare market is tough and the hopes of consumers
are high, what makes éclat stand out is its progressive and enlightened approach. Éclat believes in
women empowerment by helping them enamel their beauty of individuality and bestowing them
with confidence. Éclat has a staunch belief in discovering and nourishing the beauty which lies in
each woman.
É is an international brand of a wide range of skincare and hygiene best products. The skincare
products are rich with vitamins that help the skin to look flawless, nourished and refreshed. The
unique blend of these vitamins has anti-aging effects which assist in the formation of a connective
tissue known as collagen that makes the skin look firm and glow. Not only this the products contain
mildly nice fragrance that gives you a refreshing feeling, but the packaging of the products also has floral
patterns and is aesthetically pleasing.

vmatter strawberry body wash. With VitaminE essentials.
The skincare products of éclat fall under #Vmatter range which include face wash, body wash and body lotion. The #Vmatter range has a unique blend of essential vitamins that helps in the reduction of acne, evens the skin tone and leaves the skin with a nourishing look. The face wash & body wash products are a wide spectrum of all the vitamins that not only give you a refreshing feeling but also helps the skin to stay hydrated. If your skin remains dry and lacks THAT glowy look you want, all you need is éclat’s body lotion that not only moisturizes the skin nicely but also helps in preventing wrinkles.

In this pandemic where we all need to be vigilant in adopting precautionary measures, Eclat germ guard is a must-have. Eclat germ guard includes a pH balanced anti-bacterial hand wash that eradicates all illness-causing germs and hand sanitizers that kill 99.9% germs.

ECLAT Bundle Packs - Beauty Products
Eclat is a promising brand that believes in the fact that bringing your own individual may be challenging but the pride you feel afterwards is priceless. Eclat is here for this pride with its wide range of skincare products that contain just the right blend of essential vitamins as their core ingredient which not only nourishes the skin but also helps in the stimulation of collagen production.

Eclat - Face Wash- skincare products
Eclat offers 24/7 online support to its customers and makes online shopping in Pakistan a lot easier
through cash on delivery. Not only this, but they also serve its customers with free shipping on all orders
over PKR 2000. With over millions of satisfied customers, Eclat skincare products are a must-have.
All women out there don’t miss the opportunity of having healthy glowy skin and include Eclat
essential vitamin-enriched skin care products in your daily use because who doesn’t want flawless
skin? for that Eclat, products are what you all need. From where can I get Eclat Products? You can
order online at or can purchase from big retail stores like CARREFOUR, IMTIAZ, CHASEUP,

Makeup For All Your Needs! Emerging Makeup Brand in Pakistan 2020

With the surge of so many makeup brands and beauty influencers, one feels almost complied to hop on the wagon of makeup mania. Social media has enabled every woman to express herself like the way she wants! Makeup has become an important phenomenon and an essential part of women’s real and virtual lives. With so many “how-to” videos and tutorials easily available on the internet—everyone has become a pro. However, the growing interest in makeup has also copiously increased the prices of beauty brands to the level of unaffordability. Two to four makeup essentials can amount to a minimum wager’s salary these days.

Also, the previous lack of availability of quality makeup in Pakistan and the current tax on imported makeup brands has rendered the makeup lovers in a hopeless situation. Although many local brands have emerged on the surface of markets these past years, the prevalent wrong notion that Pakistani makeup lack quality has harmed and stifled the local industries.

Emerging Makeup Brand in Pakistan 2020

On the other hand, beauty bloggers and influencers have done a great job in reviving interest in Pakistani brands. Speaking of which, “Genny cosmetics” is the leading name in makeup manufacturers in Pakistan. Genny cosmetics aims to provide affordable and quality makeup for the masses. it also provides us with the option of online cosmetics shopping in Pakistan. One can easily log into their website and order anything from their wide range of face, eyes, lip and even hygiene products. Customers can also shop for amazing bundle deals and makeup gift sets. Bridal makeup kits and gift sets are available too. That is why Genny cosmetics is an all-rounder brand, it caters to all of your makeup needs!

Genny cosmetics runs an easily navigable website, with clear cut options out-front! You just have to click on a category, and it will open all the products included in it. One more unique thing about this brand is that it also provides its customers with a whole range of beauty soaps, talcum powders and makeup wipes.

Affordable Makeup For Makeup Enthusiasts

The bridal package of Genny cosmetics is worth availing. Do you have a wedding around the corner and no prior experience to buy makeup? Worry no more! As the bridal package is the answer to all your worries. It entails a beautiful and killer collection of foundation, lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadows and whatnot.

Genny Cosmetics - Bridal Makeup Pack

When it comes to creating a perfect look, the most elemental part is the foundation. The ‘face” category on the Genny cosmetics website offers an extensive range of foundation sticks and compact powders. The stick formats are handy and easy to use, covering dark spots and blemishes quite effectively. With their waterproof and breathable formulas, they offer smooth and long-lasting coverage.

Add color and persona to your dull life with the killer lipstick shades in the “lipstick” category of the website. These chic and trendy shades are all you need to ooze out confidence with every smile. With a fine texture and amazing color payoff, these lipsticks are best in the market.

Shades of Lipsticks - Genny Cosmetics

The “nail” category contains multifarious color options in long wear nail polishes and nail gels. Furthermore, save up bigtime while purchasing bundle deals and combo deals available on their website.

Nail Paints - Shades

The “eyes” category has blendable and rich-toned eye glitters and eyeshadow palettes. Create a fun look with these highly pigmented eyeshadows that melt into the skin. The palettes Eternity and Infinity provide a wide array of shadows with zero fallout.  Moreover, the Water Proof, Sweat Proof & Tear Resistant eyeliner and mascara are to die for!

In short, Genny cosmetics has it all. Its affordable, accessible and high on quality! Visit their online shop  for an amazing experience!


Khas Premium Designer Winter Collection 2020

Time to refresh your closet with the selective dynamic array. The fresh introductions include all the most recent patterns in the latest “Premium Designer Winter Collection” by khas stores. Khas has always aspired to bring something that is enchanting to its customer’s eyes. This season revamp and re-invent your armoire with our oh-so-flattering winter collection. The winter season may seem dull and boring but with our traditional and colorful range, you can make your day more happening.

Gear up ladies! Khas stores have launched it’s “Premium Designer Winter Collection” that has mesmerized us and is so exotic that we could not resist buying a few dresses for us. We’re so glad about the diverse range of colors they played with and ethnic intricacies they created giving every print a unique and cultural look. The most loving thing about Khas as a brand is they always keep in mind their valued clientele and their preferences. They are promising new and refined details that make every girl drool.

“Premium Designer Winter Collection” is a series of the collection with different volumes. Every piece is ethereal and bewitching inspired from winter foliage with hues of yellow, orange and red. The cloudy winter sky with cool sun rays cutting through the clouds giving an image worth capturing in “Khas” premium designer winter collection.

Our designers are truly capable of delicately portraying every last detail to perfection. Our ultimate aspiration is to store the trust of our valuable clients with the best quality fabric and the designs that set us apart from all the other brands in the market. Our three-piece suit with premium quality dupatta-shawls is what you need in this chilling cold weather to keep you warm all day long. Transition into this cold weather with fresh traditional attires with classic silhouettes and bold color.


Trendy is what we can call our new collection. This frigid weather requires a wardrobe that can tackle all the coldness with style, elegance, and femininity. The versatility of prints and colors from our new “Premium Designer Winter Collection” is here for you as a lifesaver for all the winter events and casual outings.

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Fall-Winter Collection by Khas

Khas Unstitched Collection – Vol 5

Chiffon Collection 2019 by Khas


Khas stores is here with yet another exquisite collection with warm, earthy tones— perfect for winters. With winter approaching upon us, an immediate wardrobe update is a must for every trendy woman out there.

Year by year the trend is changing and moving forward like a fast-paced fashion train. As the past year entailed clothes of vibrant hues, this year is all about matte, warm, earthy colors. Winter has always been a season of warm color palettes.  Browns, creams, rust oranges, deep mustards, haughty navy blues, and cognacs swarm Khas’s fall-winter collection this time.

Winter Collection Highlights – Khas Stores

Fall-Winter Collection 2019 by Khas

The collection is adorned with sophisticated embroideries, phenomenal prints and color combinations to die for!!

This beautiful warm pink winter dress is best for outdoor sunny winter parties. Moreover, this suit provides a unique alternative of a chiffon dupatta which adds an extra oomph!!

Khas also offers an elegant jade green outfit which adds an option for ladies who wish to go for light-weight chiffon dupattas this winter. On a perfectly sunny, crisp winter day when a khaddar dupatta or a shawl will be too much to handle, a flowy chiffon dupatta will save you the hassle.

This navy and ginger orange dresses give us a soft and comfortable option of donning a linen fabric in the dry winters. During the winters the harsh air dries out the skin making it itchy and flaky. Here linen becomes the knight in shining armor! The soft woven fabric of linen is gentle on the skin and its drape is fantastic. Furthermore, khas’s linen suits in rich designs with beautiful flowers imprinted on them are bound to flatter.

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Lastly! The show stoppers!! The winter wardrobe is never complete without khaddar suits in it. Khaddar is never out of fashion and always stay high in demand. These beautiful cream and carrot red khaddar suits are vibrant, ethnic and mod. One can wear the cream one on a regular office day and the red one on a friends’ shindig at night!

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Khas Stores Winter Collection in Black

Khas also offers many outfits in black for an ultimate royal experience this season. Black is the color of royalty… it is the color of nobility! One can never go wrong with black. These black outfits with lively prints add grace to a personality and charm the onlookers. There is no rule on how-to-wear-a-black! Pair these gorgeous suits with contrasting jewelry and you will amp up the game. Want to mellow down? Pair it with a brown or beige shawl and you will be an epitome of class!

To have a look at more wonderful colors and designs, do visit Khas’s online website.

KHAS Stores Lawn Volume 5 – Unstitched Collection 2019

Fashion is basically what we feel comfortable wearing, however, for us culture has a deep meaning. Our culture is an epitome of modesty and grace. It reflects our moral values. What we wear is more than just material sewn together to protect us, our clothes depict our identity and culture.

By following the fashion, we have lost the importance of our cultural dresses and our identity. Many other brands’ main focus is fashion but in regards to culture, they pursue more westernized clothing but KHAS Stores have come up with this unique idea of restoring the fashion that values culture and tradition intricately woven together in the form of clothing.

The New Volume 5 of Khas Collection focuses on fashion with the essence of culture. The Khas designers entirely understand that one’s identity is represented by the way they dress, so they have launched this mesmerizing Volume 5 collection which depicts cultural values in a true sense. Have a look at these amazing designs!



Khas Stores Vol 5 Unstitched Collection 2019:

KHAS is all about turning your passions, excitements, and ideals into Khas (special). It makes the dress that would touch your delicate skin and fragile essence to let you experience the magnitude of comfort, beauty, thrill, and perfection like embracing the company of someone who belonged to you only.

Previously KHAS launched amazing chiffon collection and this time KHAS Stores brings you the traditional and cultural volume of clothing that will give you a touch of mystical and significant history combined with sweeping and diverse feelings of culture to let you being swept off your feet. KHAS brings Khas Lawn 2019 – a deviant mixture of various vivid colors culture and finest mastery of antiquity to allow you to relive and cherish history every day for the rest of your life.

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More Traditional Prints from KHAS Lawn Vol 5

Our culture is beautiful in its pureness. Our clothes are called eastern because of their simplicity that embodies the delicateness and modesty of the people who wore them. We are proud of the soulfulness and mysticism of our cultural values incorporated in our new designs. Go, hurry up and check out what kind of traditional outfits KHAS has brought to you complimentary to your inner beauty and culture.

khas-unstitched-2019, Dynasty KL-4092Midnight KLA-9062Olive Zeast KC-5068Mouve Glam KL-4091


Why should one wear traditional clothing? Aren’t they feel outdated and boring?

Our tradition and culture are the epitome of pureness and soulfulness. Cultural dresses make you look modest and graceful yet fashionable. Traditional clothes represent once culture, norms, and values. People wear their cultural dresses to be identified. In addition, the shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan and is worn by men and women simultaneously in all four provinces Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and, also in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

People are known by their outfits. People understand that it is necessary to hold on to one’s culture if we wish to preserve our traditions therefore, KHAS Stores has “wowed” us once again by designing these outclass and trendy traditional dresses. You can shop online from or get your favorite outfit from its store.

As Shakespeare wrote, “The fashion wears out more apparel than the man.”


Why is traditional clothing important – Khas Lawn Vol 5

Moreover, as folklore has and still does play an important role in preserving national values, heritage and creating a sense of unity among the people. At the same time, traditional clothing and apparel are not just clothes worn but an indication of national, cultural or religious identity. Khas Stores volume 5 unstitched Collection reflects that they truly care about their customers and the culture they admire the most.

Fashion is dynamic, it comes and goes. Fashion itself is a part of culture. Besides this, many traditions at different levels combine together and become a part of culture. These traditions keep modernizing as per their needs and requirements. Have a look at these eye-catching and blossoming floral designs with classic Turkish prints and embellished vibrant hues from Khas unstitched collection volume 5.

Pakistan being a multi-cultural and multi-traditional country has many different types of fashion within the state-boundary. Therefore, fashion in relation to culture is diversified and represents the uniqueness of each area with specific details.

Designers produce clothing and accessories tailored to a region’s culture. Then, it becomes the fashion of the region. People tend to dress only if it conforms to the culture of the area. You rarely find Muslim women wearing miniskirts in Qatar or American women in burqas.


Snap it up! and grab your favorite Turkish, emerald, daydream or any other of your choice from Khas unstitched collection volume 5. Capture the allure for this season from KHAS Stores’ unstitched collection.

Snap it up and grab your favorites Turkish, emerald, daydream or whatever article you like from KHAS unstitched collection volume 5. Capture the allure for this season from KHAS Stores.

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